Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oregon Trail

On Monday we stopped in Aberdeen, WA to wash clothes and stock up on some supplies.
On Tuesday we headed back to the coast for a stay at Cape Disappointment State Park.
Our site was hardly 100 yards from the shore. Nikki did a little frolicking before we headed back to our site to make dinner.

On our way we found these mushrooms and wondered how big we'd grow if we ate them.
As we cooked, Nikki thought she saw some movement in the bushes and hopped up on the picnic table. Shining the flashlight in the direction of the movement we saw a big, fat raccoon staring back at us several feet from the fire pit. He froze for a second and returned to the bushes.
But as I started washing dishes he came back, only this time he ran under the Dod to sip from a puddle when I shined my light at him.
We only saw Ralphie the Raccoon one more time that night as he once again drank from the puddle under the Dod, although Nikki swore she heard him down there later that night.
After another walk along the shore we crossed the state line into Oregon. Our first stop was Astoria, at the Rogue Public House. We drove onto a dock to park and headed in for some excellent brews, clams, and beer-cheese soup.

Then we drove into Portland where we were greeted by a drum corp.
Thanks Portland, we're glad we're here too.

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