Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yet Another Balanced Rock and Boise

Last night while charting our route to Boise we found another balanced rock on the map, and decided we had to see it.
The drive through Idaho to see this rock was fairly plain. Farmland mostly. But then the ground opened up like a huge wound with rocks jutting out and the road dove down into a steep canyon. Coming up the other side we finally came to this new balanced rock, and as the trend has gone, this one was better than all those before it.
There it is in the top left.
Here's a closer picture of it from the side facing the road.
We hiked up the hill, which turned out to be a little more strenuous than it looked, did some minor rock climbing, and emerged behind the rock.
From here it looks pretty wicked.
Notice the Dod below.
We played around for a little while at the top.
I climbed a boulder overlooking the road below us.
And Nikki did interpretive poses of the balanced rock.
After that we drove through the land of a thousand springs, and while they looked cool from the road, tiny little water falls coming out the side of a canyon, we didn't bother to stop or take any pictures.
By 5 we were in Boise, parked in a public lot, and roaming the downtown. We were both fairly impressed. There was a lot going on. Bars, restaurants, and a pretty excellent record store. Lots of people on bikes, too.
After passing up a few happy hour specials we found one we couldn't resist. It was a sushi place called Osaka with three dollar rolls, one dollar drafts, and two dollar panda shots, which consist of unfiltered sake with a little bit of Guinness floating on top.

Tomorrow we'll check out the Boise State campus before hitting the scenic route north for a few days of camping in the mountains

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  1. Well, Life here in the Ville is boring, laundry, cleaning house, scrubbing the tub and cleaning bathrooms..
    I'd much rather have some sushi and drinks and see all the unbelievable sights in the U.S.A.
    I love you guys so much and thanks for sharing! Makes my day! Everyday!!!
    Big hugs and kisses!
    Aunt, Kiki xoxoxo