Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seattle, WA: Part 1

We made it into Seattle this afternoon after a wet and rainy drive through the mountains which border the city to the east.
Before we got into Seattle we took a cruise around swanky Mercer island and were completely blown away by all the mansions crammed on this lush, tiny, heavily wooded island. Some houses sat on stilts on the side of a steep hill, others were nestled in valleys leading down to the water.
Next we drove through the heart of Seattle. We found some decent parking and decided to explore the city on foot.

Our first stop was the Pike Place market. On our way we came across a park with a friggin' zip line. It was the perfect thing after being stuck in the car for the last few hours.

Pike Place market is huge. Lots of seafood and produce, as well as t-shirt shops, trinket sales, musicians, a magic shop and much too much to mention.

As per request from Nikki's cousin Stephanie, we also stopped at the original Starbucks across the street from the market. Did you know there are approximately 10,571 Starbucks in the USA?

Next, we roamed the city looking for cheap food and beer and covered quite a bit of ground, including a stop by the space needle to take a few night-time shots.

We're camped out at Walmart just south of the city and will head back in tomorrow to take in a few more sights and try to hit the Science Fiction Museum and the Experience the Music Project. Hopefully we'll get some seafood, too.


  1. You better get seafood! Pike Place Market is the greatest! Enjoy Seattle! - Jen M.

  2. Hey Chris and Nikki xo
    Sweet Dreams!
    Aunt Kiki xo