Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleeping in canyons

Following our last post we headed out of Moab and into the Arches National Park. Entering the park is a unique experience as you zigzag your way up the side of a steep cliff. Once over the edge it is hard to stop yourself from photographing each rock, cliff, and vast horizon as you drive through the park.
Here, the Dod takes in the sights near the three gossips.
And there's yet another balancing rock. They just keep getting better and better.
Next we stopped at the fiery furnace for a few more pictures.

And finally we made it to one of the park's many natural arches, a double arch in fact, hence the park's name.

We left the park and headed for one of the campgrounds placed along the Colorado river in the canyon we drove along to get to Moab. The campground was full, so we stayed in the overflow area.

We finished the night with rummy and whiskey.

The next morning we drove a little further along the river and found our own spot to occupy for the next few days.
As I napped, Nikki got a little creative with the camera.

We also made good use of full-leisure mode. A necessity in the desert sun.

We also took time to update our atlas. That night we made Cheesy potatoes (thanks for the idea Wes and Laura).
On our second day we hiked four miles in to and out of Negro Bill's canyon. The path crosses the stream that runs through the bottom and there are many spots to snap some choice photos.

At the end of the hike we came to this natural bridge, the fourth largest such spanse in the world. At least I think that's what it was. Don't quote me on that.

Next we're heading into the Canyonlands to an area called Islands in the Sky. Hopefully we'll have access to the internet there so we can upload pictures when we arrive.


  1. That is definitely a much more impressive "balancing rock" than what we almost died hiking to at Devil's Lake! miss you! call me back!

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  3. The double arch photo is spectacular! My fav of the whole trip so far :) If you want to bring Dod down to the Keys I'll play tour guide. (It's a tad bit out of your path...) Safe travels!