Monday, November 2, 2009

Helping Keep Portland Weird

It's been a great weekend in Portland crashing with our friends Kelly and Mike.
We met up with Kelly on Thursday and grabbed a Thai Lunch special not far from her apartment.
After meeting up with Mike we hopped on a bus to go downtown.
Our first stop was Powell's Lost World of Books. We never wanted to leave. This new and used book warehouse takes up and entire city block. And you can find absolutely anything there.
After reluctantly pulling ourselves from Powell's golden shelves we went to Vodoo doughnuts for a few insane doughnut creations. Mike and Kelly got the maple doughnut with bacon. Nikki got a butterfinger doughnut and mine was covered in frosting, cookies crumbles and peanut butter.
The next day we walked around the Hawthorne neighborhood and Nikki and I found our costumes for the Halloween party we'd been invited to.
We walked around downtown on Saturday while our hosts went to work.
That evening we came came back to prepare for the party.
The white trash prom we never had.

It was a 20 min drive to get there. Brian, the gentleman who invited us and set up this party, owns a huge old house on 3/4 of an acre in a little neighborhood near Milwaukie, OR. Huge trees, a koi pond, and enough room to host one of the biggest Halloween parties I've ever been to.
A couple scenes from the haunted basement

Nikki on the dance floor.

Me and our gracious host, Brian. Thanks for an amazing time dude. And thanks for introducing us Kevin.

We awoke the next day to help clean a little and partake in an excellent breakfast.

Then we drove back into town and spent several more hours wandering the aisles of Powell's.

Kelly and Mike met us downtown and we ate dinner at an annoying bar and grill that had excellent happy hour specials all day on sunday.
And then...

...we hit the arcade. Ground Kontrol.
Or should I say Barcade.

This place is Amazing. We found it while walking around downtown the previous day and had to return because after 5 the place starts serving beer.
Hundreds of arcade games, cheap beer, 80's metal music. It was perfect.
after spending several fistfulls of quarters we headed home.

Today we're meeting up with Nikki's old work friend Chris for another night of fun. Tomorrow we'll probably head out to see a slew of waterfalls just 30 min outside of town.


  1. If you could only see Chellsea, Joshua and myself staring into the computer screen reading your posts..... Chellsea say's come and get her!

    Love, love, luv all the photo's of you sweet youngins!
    You are living life to the fullest, I can so feel it!
    We love and miss you both! Chellsea, Joshua and Aunt, Kiki xoxoxoxoxoxo

    P.S. Halloween, Nana and Papa would have been married 50 years so your Dad and I threw them a party.... We even had some T-Kill Ya!
    ooohhhhhhhhhhhh what a great time on their 50th Anniversary Party! I'm sure they celebrated up there too!!!!
    Stay safe lil Pumpkins xoxoxoxo

  2. P.S. B.J. and Cheryl live in San Diego...... you should hook up with them while you are there! Find B.J. on Facebook! He would love it and Cheryl too!
    love ya!
    Auntie-Kiki xoxo

  3. chris nikki love your site looks like you are having a wonderful time. we will try to keep in touch. peace and love. the styma family posen mi

  4. I've never seen a couple make white trash look so good! :)