Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun with Chris and Caitlin, Multnomah Falls, and Panther Flat

After a fun-filled sojourn with Kelly and Mike in Portland, we ventured to spend another with Caitlin and Chris in Vancouver. They gleefully met the Dod (Excuse me, but there’s a spaceship in the driveway) and we went to Fire On the Mountain for some excellent wings, good beer and just about every appetizer on the menu. And by “some” wings, I mean sixty. After a quick pit stop to monkey around at a local bar we went back to Caitlin’s and continued the monkeying around with some more good beers.

Great photo by Caitlin
Introducing Barenjager to Caitlin and Chris

Dance party!

Tuesday, Chris and I spent a relaxing day indoors sipping tea, playing the piano, reading and watching cartoons. When Chris and Caitlin returned home from school we took a family trip to the grocery. Dinner was a delicious meat medley of bratwurst, hot dogs and of course, chicken wings. Chris also nuked some edamame to make it a balanced meal. Then we had a pajama party!

Caitlin lent Chris some pjs and they're just wrong.

Wednesday, we left with a loaf of beer bread, baked specially by Caitlin as a parting gift. It is so tasty all by itself but I found it's also really good with peanut butter for breakfast. We drove to Multnomah Falls to gape at the +500 ft. waterfall. The mile hike to the top was a pretty steep grade up and the walkout at the top offered a great panorama.

The Dod in front of Multnomah Falls.

The view from half-way up. See the Dod?!

Thursday, we had planned to check out the beautiful Crater Lake, but were disappointed to discover it was closed for the season. Alas, we bid adieu to the Beaver State and entered the Golden State. A state government official had to inspect our Idaho apples before we could proceed. (They were okay). At one point during our drive, six big elk ran across the road in front of us. We weren’t quick enough to snap a photo.

Mount Hood

The Dod's twin TranStar! We spotted it in a parking lot in OR. It is used to transport goats across the country.

We camped at Panther Flat, a public campground a few miles outside of the Redwood Forest and met a fellow traveler. Nick is driving solo and crashing at various friends’ pads in pursuit of a job in chemical engineering. No luck so far, but he’s having a hell of a time traveling. Nick brought over his guitar and various metal flutes and we had a great jam session. He played some Irish jigs and Chris accompanied him on the guitar while I beat on the tambourine and tooted on the flute.

We strolled down a pier in town and watched giant waves crash against a jetty. We also spotted a seal in the water!

Today, we spent the day at Burger King. Seriously, we got here a little after three andjust about seven and we’re stillll heeeere. Is it bad if two of my three meals come from BK today? I think so…

Well, we’re going to a local WalMart for the evening and tomorrow will head deep into the Redwood National Forest!

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