Monday, September 21, 2009

Walmart Parking Lots and the Mighty Mississippi

Our first night in a Walmart parking lot was so nice we're doing it twice.
We played video games and Nikki bounced the super balls around the aisles. Then we bought a half gallon of Kessler whiskey and a Subway Pizza and headed home for the evening.

This morning we took the Dod in for a check up and an oil change, did a load of laundry at the Baraboo laundromat and hit the road for the Twin Cities.
Along the way we crossed the Mississippi and traveled along its shores for most of the trip. A scenic drive with beautiful cliffs and long winding roads.
We made a quick pit stop in Red Wing, MN to see the world's largest work boot and Nikki bought some hikers at the Red Wing Shoes retail store.
Then we rolled into Minneapolis.
After locating a parking lot near the University of Minnesota campus, we unloaded the bikes and took a ride around town. Lots to see and cheap tacos to eat at the Library bar and Grill in Dinkeyville.
And now we're back at our second parking lot of the trip for a free night under the watchful eye of big brother Walmart.

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  1. amazing. love it. mmm wish i could be there with you. come to cali quick so you can pick me up! xo