Friday, September 25, 2009

B-b-b-badlands! (inc. Wall Drug)

The Badlands are BAD ASS. For real. You need proof? Just check out these pictures...

The Dod resting in the sunset after a long haul.

The view from our window from the campsite.

As my best friend Amanda put it, “Walking through the Badlands is like walking on another planet”. So true...

Upon arriving in Badlands National Park, four big-eared deer greeted us on the road. We camped in an open-land campground for only $5 per night with our America the Beautiful pass. The treeless, burn-ban campground was non-traditional compared to most camping experiences. but we had fun nonetheless. Unlike the campfire ban, the stars burnt bright and unconstrained in the heavens. Never have I seen so many stars. The Milky Way was clearly visible and shooting stars were not uncommon. (photos unavailable)

Capturing the depth and magnificent beauty of the Badlands through photography is simply impossible. Every single step issues more photos. Gray and white stone build up to bashful purple and golden orange layers mimicking the sunset. The four-mile hike Chris and I took could have easily taken 3+ hours hadn’t Chris prompted me through the trails without shooting photos every other minute. Here's a few we did find time for...

We started waaay over there!

The beautiful grasslands...

This sign made me a nervous wreck for the whole first hour of the hike. Here, here, here little rattlesnake...

A couple of friendly co-hikers offered to take our photo.

What a fantastic sunset to end a pleasant day...

After the hike, we biked two miles back to the campsite and heated chicken soup and leftover kielbasa for dinner. [By the way Darin, that soup is fantastic! (that should mean a lot coming from the soup queen herself)].

Chris and I adopted a pet named Meow Meow. Meow Meow is a broke-ass bee from the Badlands. He landed on our picnic table and promptly dived into the whisky. We hung out with little Meow Meow for a while until he got bored and went to play with the bun-rabs. An hour later Meow Meow stumbled back for a second shot and promptly pencil-dived into Chris’ drink. Meow Meow flew around in circles until the birds woke us up the next morning. We looked high and low for his silly drunk ass all morning until we finally gave up and headed out toward Wall, SD.

Lo and behold, on Friday morning, there was Meow Meow chillin’ on the window and soakin’ up the rays trying to nurse his poor hangover! Just before we exited the Badlands, Meow Meow recovered and opted to join the Prairie Dogs instead of accompanying us to Wall Drug. (He's been there at least a billion times. Freeloader.)

We were lucky enough to happen upon a happy family of prairie dogs on our way out of the Badlands.

Just like Jason promised, Wall Drug is the absolute kichiest place in the wide USA. What a treat! T-Rex and five-cent coffee were the biggest perks. Chris and I spent an hour and a half roaming the aisles purchasing crap like flyswatters and postcards.

Currently, we are camped out at an RV camp called “Tee Pee Campground” just south of Rapid City listening to “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes” and snacking on pretzels and chips for dinner. Till next time, peace!


  1. we love and miss you guys!
    looks like your having loads of fun!

  2. soup win! i'm really honored you enjoyed it.
    im also glad that neither you were quietly murdered in that creepy campground.


    ps: meow meow is the cutest, drunkest, little bee i've ever seen!

  3. that pic of Chris+Meow Meow should have a capture saying "Blair Witch BEE" or "BEE witch" instead of blair... thats what it reminds me of...