Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rock Faces and River Otters

Drove under overcast skies from Minneapolis, MN pop. 377,392 to Madison, SD pop. 6,257. This particular 300 mile route made us thankful we’ll be bypassing the Great Plain states. After all, cornfields can only reach a certain level of “scenic”. However, the dozens of windmills we passed just before entering South Dakota were a dramatic improvement from the massive smokestack in Gary, Indiana (see 9/17 post).

The Dod, she drives like a dream. En route, we had the pleasure of meeting her older relative named Hot Dog (1968 Dodge RV) belonging to fellow RVer Gary Quick. Gary liked the Dod so much he inquired on her price. She’s priceless of course, but we took his number just in case.

We stopped in Pipestone, South Dakota to enjoy the Pipestone National Monument. We took a 1.75 mile hike and admired the beautiful grassland preserves and rose-colored quartzite with faces carved into them by Mother Nature herself. The profile photos of Chris and me have the rock faces in the background. Look close and you'll see! I found a dreamcatcher to hopefully capture some of these wild dreams I’ve been having lately. (My first magical purchase, Aunt Mary).

We are currently camping at Lake Herman State Park and have a fantastic site right next to the water. Chris is out at the campfire cooking kielbasa and potatoes for dinner. He said he thinks there may be a river otter living near the shore. Arik, it's your familiar! Oh boy, it just started sprinkling. Here’s to clearing skies, milling wind and catching dreams!

Shout out to our friends Jenny & Mykle and Josh & Kaylan for their new homes in Kingwood, TX and Ypsilanti, MI respectively. Good luck moving! We can’t wait to see the new places! Also, HUGE congratulations to Shanelle for acquiring her wings! Love you!


  1. Hello there Love Buggs!

    Sending Big Love from The Ville!

    xoxo Aunt, Kiki xoxo

    I hope the Dod pulls up in our driveway one day!

  2. cannot wait to join you guys!!! get over to the west coast soon! miss you guys!! thanks for the call last night nikki xoxo. and HI Chris!!

  3. Told you I'd be there in spirit! - Arik