Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Detroit to Indian Dunes

After a weekend of potato festivities in Posen, one needs a day of rest. So, Chris and I got a couple extra hours of sleep in a “real bed” for the last time in who knows how long. We ate a hearty breakfast, packed up the Dod, filled up the water bottles and were on our way by one PM. Per my dad’s request, “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin was our parting ballad.

Excluding the small detour into Indiana prematurely via US 15, we took scenic US 12 all the way from Southfield to Indiana Dunes National Park. It was smooth sailing the whole ride. When we crossed into Indiana, a stretch which our atlas labeled as “particularly scenic,” it turned into the least scenic part of the trip. Railroad tracks, smokestacks, and rundown shacks were all we saw.

We arrived to Indiana Dunes Campground at six and are already reaping the rewards of our America the Beautiful pass which gives us free admittance into all national parks and forests and discounted rates on camping and visits to historical monuments and preserves. First things first, we biked over to the nearest mini mart to pick up dinner and returned to season our new deluxe double hobo oven. We toasted cups of jack and coke to our first campfire dinner of fried turkey, cheese and tomato sandwiches.

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  1. love the first pic! is that at the national park!? haha :) love the pink in your hair!! :)