Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow in the Desert

We finally said goodbye to the ocean and turned our second corner to head back east. Amy joined us as we left San Diego and made our way to Joshua Tree National park.
Darkness fell as we entered the desert. Turning north to drive along the Salton Sea the wind picked up and tossed the Dod about the expressway.
Finally we made it to Joshua Tree and entered in through the south. We found a campsite and settled in for the night.
The next morning we awoke to the sound of raindrops falling on the Dod. In the Desert. Raindrops.
Stepping outside we were not impressed with the surroundings. Everyone we had spoken to about going to Joshua tree said it was necessary.

We stopped at the ranger station to pick up a map and headed out to drive through the park.
If you've never been in the desert when it rains, it releases a stale smell into the air. So not only is the air quality compromised, but I guarantee the fire danger was not high.
The rain continued, but a break in the clouds produced a perfect rainbow. We could see both ends and made our way to one.

It's hard to see, but look close and it's there.
I'm gonna rent me a back-ho and uproot that tree. I want the gold. Give me the gold.

The first amazing sight we came across was the cholla gardens. These tiny cactus things look like gasses escaping from fissures in the ocean floor. Puffs of smoke changing color as they expand and cool.

We drove on and eventually found the Joshua trees.

Wild looking things all twisty and gnarly. They start out as little cactus/palm tree looking bushes, and they eventually grow taller and acquire a more tree-like appearance.

We stopped to take some pictures and, believe it or not, it started to snow. In the Desert. Snow. It was then that we decided maybe it would be best if we drove to Scottsdale, just outside of Phoenix, instead of making our way to the Grand Canyon and camping for another night.
Lucky we did to because a nasty storm unleashed itself upon us that night.

But on the way we stopped in dirty Blythe, CA, for some drinks. And as Amy's brother referred to it, it is the butthole of the country. I can't vouch for that, but let's just say Blythe is a one Horse town, and that horse needs to be put down.

Wicked winds howled all night. It was like a haboob (google that) in the desert.
Good thing we didn't go to the canyon that day. Not only would we have had to survive the wicked winds, but Flagstaff got 15 inches of snow that night, and would have blocked our path to Phoenix, and into Scottsdale where Amy lives in an amazing house with all the amenities. Toolshed, backyard, porch, pool table, dart board, roof top, sunset over looking Camelback mtn, wii, rockband, beer as far as the eye can see, hammock, two baths, three bedrooms, bowflex, palm tree. Awesome. Also there's four kitties that live here.
Monday we took it easy.
The next day we went for a bike ride around town and eventually made our way to Zipp's with Amy's roommate Danielle. Zipp's has an awesome happy hour special with cheap wings and zipperitas, boozy margaritas with lots of liquor. So much so that they limit you to three a night.

Wednesday we went out into Phoenix to a charity Drag show. This is Thomas with our new friend Mari.

And this is Thomas in performing in character. He received the only encore of the night.

We've got lots more to do here before coming home. Horse riding and shooting guns in the desert, among other fun stuff. Then we fly home for the holidays. See you soon.

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