Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dodless in Austin

Good, we hope!

Well, it's night three without our beloved Dod. Her rear brake system was "puking out brake fluid" so says the mechanic. It's going to be a pricey fix but our options were:

1) Fix the Dod. Cough up the dough and continue on our journey.
- or -
2) Don't fix the Dod. Find an apartment and live in Austin.

We weighed our two options and decided only one day of exploring Austin wasn't enough to base a move on. The Dod has brought us through seventeen states so far and there's at least a baker's dozen more. We've needed the Dod and now the Dod needs us. We can't give up on her now. It's Maine or BUST!

So, the Dod has been resting at "Groovy Automotive" for going on three days. We were told that the Dod would be fixed yesterday and now we're told it will be fixed tomorrow. Not so groovy. The biggest bummer is that it has rained nonstop since we dropped the Dod off. This is what Chris looks like:
Here's what I feel like:
Regardless of the rain, we have been spending our time biking from one end of the city to another checking out eateries, the University of Texas campus, unique shops, CD stores, book stores, live music venues and cheap bars.
Chris beat me at a game of pool at The Tavern. Barely.
Tammie the Turtle rain-bathing in a pond on campus.
Chowing down on the Richie Valens burger on the anniversary of the day the music died in 1959. Hut's two-for-one Wednesday is a busy night because it's such a great deal. They also have the absolute best pickle chips I've ever had.
Free live blues music at Nuno's on 6th Street.
Shot of the state capitol in the background.

Our favorite restaurant we discovered is the Texas Chili Parlor. It was so nice we went back twice! We tried the three chili sampler on our first visit and were so excited to eat we forgot to take a photo until afterwards.
Our second visit we ordered our favorites and remembered to take a photo beforehand.
Chris gives his chili is two fingers up!

I recommend the black bean and sausage chili on a baked potato. As Chelsea has taught me, chili just isn't as good without a potato accompaniment!

This self-proclaimed big fat crazy person was singing and playing a harmonica on the corner of campus for at least three hours. Here are his Grammy-worthy lyrics: "Puuuurple poop/I've got purple poop/I'm terrified to call a doctor/They might send a helicopter/Puuuurple poop." Repeat and repeat and repeat.

We wandered around Toy Joy, a toy store that beats Toys-R-Us or KB Toys any day. Wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor is covered in knick-knacks, puzzles, games, animals, yo-yos, bouncy balls, and those little pin-covered things you put your hand under and it shows an imprint of your hand. You know what I'm talking 'bout. Anyway, you name it, they've got it.
In honor of my gramma's would-be 84th birthday, I bought a couple of her favorite toys I remember from when I was little: A chinese finger trap and a chinese yo-yo.

We spent the last two nights at a Super 8. It was totally worth it for the bed, the shower and the heat. And let me just say, we definitely got our money's worth with the continental breakfast. As a matter of fact, I'm eating a box of Raisin Bran right now...

Thankfully, earlier today we were able to get into the Dod to get a much-needed change of clothes and some food. Right now, we're hanging out at the UT Student Union surfing the web, reading, writing, people watching and playing Nintendo. Tonight, we'll be hopping from 24-hour diner to 24-hour diner until the sun rises. Keep your fingers crossed the Dod will be ready by noon tomorrow so we can be on our way back to Houston to stay with Jenny and Mykle! Shanelle and Adam are coming out for the weekend too.

Austin apparently can't decide on a slogan. So far I've seen: Keep Austin Weird, Keep Austin Bizarre, Keep Austin Fun, Keep Austin Groovy, and Keep Austin Odd. I say Keep Austin Dry!

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