Saturday, January 16, 2010

OK. Just Okay.

Well, not a lot to update yet. Roswell to Oklahoma City has been fairly boring. Not a lot to see. Except we have completed our longest stretch of nights spent in Walmart parking lots. Six.
Not proud. But it is free.
We did get our first taste of Texas, though, crossing through the panhandle. I've never seen so many cows. Driving down the road you'll see a big black spot in the distance. When you get closer you realize that it's really a field packed with cows, shoulders to haunches.
In case you didn't get it, aliens are all Roswell has going for it. Even the Walmart gets in on it.
We stopped in Amarillo, TX. Not much to say, except it looks to be the Detroit of the Southwest. On our way out we came across a home where the owners put up signs in their yard with poems and such, and this cryptic little non sequitur.
Apparently architects are hard to come by in Texas.
We also passed through Friona, TX, which calls itself the "Cheeseburger Capitol of the U.S.A." However, we didn't see one burger joint, except for a Sonic. Liars.

We pulled in to Midwest City, a suburb of Oklahoma City, yesterday to spend some time staying with Nikki's cousin Shanelle and her fiance Adam.
If our rib dinner tonight is any indication of the time we're going to have while staying here, I'd say we're in for a treat.

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